Here you can find all necessary information from A like “Accreditation” to T like “Timing chip” in conjunction with the Haspa Half-Marathon Hamburg.


The collecting of your bib number takes place as a part of Marathon Hamburg Expo 2020 and is located in the Hamburg Exhibition Centre, Hall A4 (entry via the central entrance).

Opening Hours wil be published shortly.

Upon presentation of your official entry confirmation and a valid photo ID/passport you will receive:

  • Kit Bag
  • Bib and safety pin
  • Rental chip (if preordered)

Magazine containing most important participants’ information
Participants who have preordered any additional services will find the detachable vouchers on their bib respectively. These vouchers can be used at the designated stations. In case you are unable to attend the accreditation yourself, you may authorise another person to pick up your start documentation for you upon presentation of a copy of your photo ID/passport. It is not possible to receive your starting kit via mail.

Arrival Start/Finish Area

there are no parking facilities for cars and buses near the start and finish area, we strongly advise you to use public transport.

The best way to reach the start and finish area is by subway line U2 to exhibition halls. Next to the start and finish area are also located
the stations Stephansplatz (U1) and Sternschanze (U3). The station
Sternschanze might also be reached via S21 and S31 (S-Bahn Hamburg).
The regional railways RB 61, RB 71, RE 7 and RE 70 stop at Dammtorbahnhof.

Further information at

Award ceremony

The award ceremony of –
– the top three women and men finishers (runners)
– the top three women and men finishers (handbiker)
– the top three women and men finishers (wheelchairer)
will be held on the stage of the event area (Messevorplatz)*

*Subject to modication

Bibs/Start numbers

Only participants with an official Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2020 bib are allowed at the start. This bib has to be worn clearly visible on your chest. Start number tapes are therefore not allowed. The bib mustn’t be changed or altered in any way; failure to follow this rule will result in a disqualification of the respective participant.


While crossing the finish line, your individual certificate will be uploaded onto our homepage. Your own personal certificate is available for download as part of the online results service.

Please bear in mind that these are only preliminary results. The results will get reviewed and become confirmed as official results approximately one week after the event.

Changing Rooms and Showers

Information on this will be provided early enough before the event.


Male (M) and Female (W) competitors compete in the following separate age categories:
MH / WH 1991-2000 (Main Group)
M / W 30 1986-1990
M / W 35 1981-1985
M / W 40 1976-1980
M / W 45 1961-1975
M / W 50 1966-1970
M / W 55 1961-1965
M / W 60 1956-1960
M / W 65 1951-1955
M / W 70 1946-1950
M / W 75 1941-1945
M / W 80 1936-1940 male / female U20: 2001 und 2002
male / female U18: 2003 und 2004

Date 2020

The Haspa Halbmarathon Hamburg will be on September, 13 2020.

Entry Fees

Prices for Halfmarathon entry

All prices are including VAT.


The finish is located on “Bei den Kirchhöfen” and is open until 11:00 am. Respectively the race is to be completed in 02:35:00 hours (brutto). Participants, reaching the finish at a later point in time, can unfortunately not be taken into account for the official classification or results and have to leave the course.

Finisher Buffet

Every finisher has the opportunity to fully recharge at the plentiful buffet (located within the athletes area) provided by our nutritional partner REWE. There will be fruit (banana, apple, grapes and water melon) as well as sweet (pick-up chocolate bar, musli bar, chinois) and savoury treats (mini pretzels, broth). In addition, there will also be a carbo mineral drink. You will also receive non-alcoholic Krombacher o.0% beer here. Please make sure to only use the finishers’ buffet for your personal requirements, so that participants reaching the finish at a later point still have sufficient options to choose from as well.

Additionally we will provide you with water at the entrance to the Athletes Area.

Please also help us to keep the athletes area proper by throwing your waste into the allocated containers.

Finisher Medal - Medal Engraving

You will be able to receive your race medal after the finish in the Athletes Area.

Once again you can book the medal engraving as part of the registration process for a discounted price of €8.50, in which case you will then be able to find the respective voucher attached to your bib.

General Terms and Conditions

Here you can find the General Terms and Conditions for the Haspa Halfmarathon Hamburg 2020.


Hotel and Accommodation

Hamburg Tourism

Find your perfect accommodation with our hotel partner Hamburg Tourism – and make sure you get the best hotel deals for your marathon weekend in the city.

Radisson Blu

The athlete accommodation will be at Radisson Blu Hotel – in close proximity to the starting line and perfect marathon service.


Cancellation insurance

In cooperation with Hanse-Merkur we are able to offer you a cancellation insurance as part of your registration. Risks insured are illness, accidents or death as well as loss of employment. A cancellation for personal reasons is, however, not insured.

The insurance premium is at 6.90 EUR up to the 2nd price level of the entry fee (48,- EUR), and then at 10.90 EUR from the 3rd price level of the entry fee (58,- EUR) onwards. A service charge of 1.00 EUR will additionally be booked.
More information regarding the insurance as well as the general terms and conditions of the HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG can be found here.

In case you have purchased the insurance and cannot enter the race for one of the reasons mentioned above, you will be fully reimbursed for the entrance fee (EXCLUDING any additional services). Given that your claim is insured please send the registration confirmation, as well as a statement of reasoning with the respective proof (doctor’s attestation, etc) to the insurance HanseMerkur.

Annual insurance policy

Plan a year full of sport – completely risk-free! Whether Hamburg, Berlin, New York or Wanne-Eickel, with the annual insurance policy by Hanse-Merkur you can plan your running year risk-free. Not only will your entry fees be insured, but also your luggage and your travel as well. You can get the triple package for only 24,00 Euro per year. As this offer can only be booked through Hanse-Merkur directly, you can find the online booking form here.


Here you can find the invitation for the Haspa Halfmarathon Hamburg 2020.


Kit Bag drop-off and collection

During the accreditation you will not only be given your start documents but also the official Haspa Halfmarathon Kit Bag and a sticker with your start number printed on it. Please place the sticker on the marked field on the kit bag straight away.
You have the chance to drop off your bag before the start on Sunday, April 19 2020 starting at 6:30 am and pick them up again until 5 pm. Please use the official Halfmarathon Kit Bag exclusively and plan enough time for the drop off before the start. Please keep in mind that the organiser cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage of personal valuables. We therefore recommend that you only use the Haspa Kit Bag for a change of clothes.


The event maps will help you to find the essential facilities on site.

coming soon!

Marathon Hamburg Expo 2020

Take the chance to visit the Haspa Marathon Hamburg official sports exhibition “Marathon Hamburg Expo 2020” which will take place on the Hamburg exhibition grounds. Numerous companies and brands will present their new innovations, technologies and products in the running sector as well as in the fields of lifestyle and health. Bring your family and friends and discover what is new in the running scene. Admission is free!

Massage Service

A massage service will be available at the finish.

Medical Service

The medical supply centre, which has a surgical primary care is located at the Athletes Area. The massage center is also at the Athletes Area (B-Area at the Hamburg Messe).

Meeting Points

Information on this will be provided early enough before the event.

Official Running Shirt

The Half-Marathon running shirt can be ordered for 26,- € (plus 4,90 € shipping costs)* during the registration process (only in connection with the respective booked competition).

Ordered shirts will be sent by mail to the postal address given at the registration process. The shipping costs are 4,90 €.

*Order only possible throughout Europe.


The official Half-Marathon running shirt is available in sizes:

XS – S – M – L – XL (m/w)

NOTE: The women’s shirts tend to be smaller, so it is recommended to choose one unit higher.

Measure list

Information on handout of ordered merchandising products will be provided early enough before the event.

Our Service for you

Your entry fee will get you the following services:

  • Bib (with start number) and safety pins
  • Kit Bag with high quality products from our sponsors
  • Programme booklet with athletes info and course map
  • Fold-out course map
  • Professional participants’ assistance
  • Sports exhibition “Marathon Hamburg Expo 2020″ (free entry)
  • Kit Bag Storage
  • Pacemakers for 1:30, 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10 hours
  • Entertainment along the course and at the start/finish
  • Refreshment and Aid stations along the course (from km5 every 2.5km) and at the finish
  • Massage service at the finish
  • Toilettes in the start-/finish are, along the course (every km) and in the Athletes Area
  • Finisher medal
  • Showers and Changing Rooms in the Athletes Area
  • Massage service in the Athletes Area
  • Closed off and secured race course
  • Timing (transponder system) with split times at km10 and in the finish
  • Online results (available 30 minutes after running-in)
  • Certificate and results available for download
  • Medical emergency service
  • Organisation of the Haspa Halfmarathon Hamburg


There will be pacemakers for each of the following finish times: 1.30, 1.45, 2.00 und 2.15 hours. They will be wearing very distinct Shirts and a big balloon with the corresponding finish time

Pasta Party

We are pleased to offer a pasta party again this year. You have the option to prebook your pasta during registration for € 6,40. By presenting the pre-order coupons attached to your bib number, you will receive a portion of pasta with a choice of 2 sauces as well as an non-alcoholic beverage from KROMBACHER.

The pasta party will be on saturday September 12, 2020*

*subject to modification

Performance List

If you are a holder of a starting licence by the German Athletic Association (DLV) and wish to be ranked in the performance list of your federal athletics association, please choose the additional service “Ranking of performance” during the registration process.

Public Transport

Due to numerous road closures we strongly recommend using public transport (U/S-Bahn) to travel to or from the course as well as the event area or the exhibition.

The best way to reach the start and finish area is by subway line U2 to exhibition halls. Next to the start and finish area are also located
the stations Stephansplatz (U1) and Sternschanze (U3). The station
Sternschanze might also be reached via S21 and S31 (S-Bahn Hamburg).
The regional railways RB 61, RB 71, RE 7 and RE 70 stop at Dammtorbahnhof.

Further information at

Race withdrawal and missing persons

In case you have to withdraw from the race, you can take an ambulance at the end of the runner field, or take the subway train to get back to the finish (U3/S21, S31 Sternschanze, U2 Messehallen, U1 Stephansplatz oder S21, 31 Dammtor).

In case of medical emergencies, you can get information about a participant who got treatment from an ambulance on the course from the DRK.

Refreshments on the course

You will find refreshment stations every 5 km located on the right hand side of the course. Refreshments will be placed in the following order: tubs with water – Hamburg well water (in cups) – bananas (starting at Km 10) – Energy Gels (starting at Km 20).

Please only make use of the finisher buffet for your personal requirements, so that participants arriving at the finish at a later point in time still have sufficient options to choose from.*

*Subject to modification

Registration Confirmation

Upon successful registration you will receive your registration confirmation. You will then receive offical confirmation of entry with your personal start number until the beginning of September 2020. If that is not the case, please contact us using the official contact form.

Registration Options

Each participant has to sign up individually and is responsible for his/her own entry.

The registration has to be made online.


Portable toilets will be available at the starting area, the Athletes Area as well as at every km along the way. We strongly ask you to use only these facilities, even if you have to wait for a longer time. Please spread out when lining up for the toilets to shorten wait times.

CAUTION: Unfortunately, the past has shown that numerous participants repeatedly do not adhere to this rule. Due to the requirements of the police and the numerous complaints of the residents, we want to advise you that public urinating is a regulatory offense. Anyone who does not comply with this rule can expect a police complaint!

Returning the ChampionChip

If you have rented a ChampionChip please return it after the race on the Event at the designated stand on the competition area. Upon return of the chip, you will receive a receipt. Please hold on to this receipt until the end of the year.

Alternatively, you can send the chip back to us. Please place it in an bubble-wrap envelope (as certified mail). If you should use the postal service to return your chip, a receipt will not be issued.

Marathon Hamburg Veranstaltungs GmbH
Fuhlsbüttler Str. 415a
22309 Hamburg

If you should fail to return the ChampionChip on time, or you wish to purchase it, you will be charged the amount of 25,00€ on your account or credit card.

SMS Service

In order to let family and friends know where a participant is located on the course we are once again providing an SMS-Service, which can be booked during the official registration procedure. There are three options to choose from:

1. We send your preliminary results to your mobile phone free of charge.
2. We send all split times as well as the finishing time to one mobile phone (2€).
3. We send all split times as well as the finishing time to two mobile phones (4€).

Unfortunately you cannot book this service after having completed the registration.

Start block allocation

Information on this will be provided early enough before the event.

Start slot transfer

You will need the following information to transfer your registration:
The initial participant will need the following data on the substitute participant:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of Birth
  • E-Mail address

The substitute participant will be asked for the following:

  • Your personal gift code (will be send via e-mail)
  • 21,00 € re-registration fee (withdrawn by direct debit or credit card)

Click here to sign into your customer account and initiate re-registration. Please then click “overview” on your user account and use the transfer starting spot function.

If you don’t have customer account and wish to re-register, please contact us via the contact form on our webpage.
Please state your booking number. We will than cancel your registration and forward a gift code via e-mail that can be used for the re-registration. This code must be used by the substitute participant at registration. The substitute participant will be debited with the re-registration fee only, not the entire registration costs.
The deadline for re-registration is September 6, 2020 and the re-registration has to be done online.

Start time

Start times:
8:24 am – handbiker / wheelchairer
8:25 am – runners

The starting line up will start at 7:30 am.*

*Subject to modification

Team Ranking

The team ranking consists of the added sum of three individual runners (of the same team) finishing times in order of placings. A women-, men and mixed team ranking will be carried out. This ranking does not require an explicit registration. But all team members have to provide the same team name (with identical spelling) when they sign in.

Timing Chip

The timing at the Haspa Marathon Hamburg will be only through the Real-Time-ChampionChip. Please affix the chip on your shoe.

You have the following options:

a) Chip-Owners provide the ChampionChip number of their own chip during the registration (7 digit combination of letters and numbers).

b) Rental-Chip: you can rent the ChampionChip and hand it back on the day of the event at the designated Chip-Return station or at the latest within two days after the event via post. The rental fee (€ 6,50) will be debited from your bank account with your entry fee. Should you fail to return the ChampionChip within the given time frame, the difference between the rental fee and the purchase price (€ 25,00) will be debited from your bank account or credit card.

Please cross the timing mats (located at km10 as well as at the start and finish line) to avoid any mistakes in timing. A net run time will only be registered if all timing mats have been crossed.