28 April 2019

Hamburg Marathon Relay


Registration / Change Data

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Any trained runner in good health condition who is at or above the age of 12 on 28 April 2019 is permitted to participate in the race. Nordic Walkers will not be permitted.

Each participant is required to assess his/her own health condition and fitness with regards to taking part in the marathon event, or consult a doctor if necessary.

Sign up with our charity partner Nestwerk e.V.

If you missed to sign up before the race sold out, you have a chance to enter with our charity relay with Nestwerk e.V.

Nestwerk e.V. has been partnering with the Haspa Marathon Hamburg for a few years now and is looking for relay teams to join NestWerk and run for a good cause. Find out more about the NestWerk e.V. initiative on www.nestwerkev.de

We care for your health

Please keep in mind that each participant is required to assess his/her own health condition and fitness with regards to taking part in the marathon event, or consult a doctor if necessary.We advise you to consult the online questionnaire by the German Road Races to evaluate your physical condition. Find the questionnaire here.

Entry Fees

The entry fee increases first after 500 and then after 1000 teams have entered.


All prices are stated including VAT. For participants with foreign residency, the entry fee listed above is increased by a service charge of 2.50 €.

Distances/Handover Points:

15,6 km Jungfernstieg
11,5 km City Nord – Überseering
5,4 km Maienweg / Hindenburgstraße
9,7 km Ziel

Relay Baton:

As part of your start pack you will receive a Real Time ChampionChip that is not only used for timing purposes but also functions as your relay “baton” and therefore has to be passed on from one runner to the next. This chip is to be fastened onto your ankle with the strip provided.

Start block allocation:

The first relay runner will be allocated within the start block alongside the regular marathon runners according to the 10 km split time provided during the registration process. This way we can enable a smooth starting procedure.

Participation limit:

1.500 relay teams (4 runners)


Registration procedure:

Note: The only way to enter the relay marathon is ONLINE by the relay team leader. Each team has to name a team leader, yet the relay team leader must not run on the relay team himself or herself. A relay team leader has to create a user account before being able to register himself and/or his/her teammates, where he/she is then able to enter and manage the necessary information of the relay runners.

Changes are possible free of charge until April 21, 2019. Changes at a later date will incur a one-off service charge of 10.00 €. By registering you confirm that you have read the general terms and conditions and accept them. Once your registration was successful, the team leader will receive an official registration confirmation. This is your binding confirmation of a successful registration for the 34 rd Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2019.

The team leader will then receive your official confirmation of entry with the allocated start numbers until beginning of April 2019. The entry fee will be deducted from the team leader’s bank account in form of a one-off direct debit. The same applies to possible occurring charges of 25.00 € in cases of failure to return or loss of a rental ChampionChip.

Late entry or re-registration Entries close as soon as 1.500 relay teams have registered or at the latest on March 28, 2019.

Provided that this participation limit is not reached at the given date, we offer late entries at the accreditation on April 27 and 28 for an additional service charge of 30.00 € (in addition to your entry fee). Re-registrations are possible on April 27 and 28 at the accreditation for a service charge of 10.00 €. For more details, check the Race Info for Relay Teams.


Participants Hotline: +49 1805 100 250
(14 ct/min from German landlines, max. 42 ct/min from mobile phones)

Mo. to Fr. 09.00 am – 4.00 pm

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